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The B Hive Apiary Podcast

Jul 23, 2019

What we once thought would be a cool idea, has turned into a reality! The B Hive Apiary Co-founders, Angela Melpolder and Erica Vargas sit down each week and chat about some of the most impactful parts of friendship; from hosting a party where your friends don't flake, to not liking your BFF's BF, to dealing with social anxiety and accountability. We cover a little bit of everything to help you live boldly, wake up and to build authentic relationships. Angela and Erica are both certified professional coaches - each with their unique specialties. Erica is a purpose and relationship coach and Angela is a career and business coach. We share our expertise in our specialities and together we focus on our expertise in making new friends as an adult woman. We know making and being a friend in the digital age can be hard. Listen in and let us help you find your Hive.